Ultraguard Remote Mounted Units


The need for protection while spraying agricultural chemicals has become obvious due to the health problems experienced by operators. Ultrasafe has now developed the "Ultraguard" independent filter unit that can be fitted to any vehicle with a cab to provide the operator with clean air while spraying. Previously those operators in air-conditioned tractors could replace the dust filter with a Detoxifying Tractor Cab Chemical Filter and enjoy clean air, now anyone using a vehicle with a cab has the same opportunity.



It is a simple airflow system that consists of a Filter Body incorporating a Detoxifying Chemical Filter within its protective housing, an attached Fan and a Hose carrying the clean air to the cab through the window or the cab body. The fan draws air in through the protective housing and through the chemical filter.


You can purchase either a 12 volt or 24-volt unit that is connected to the battery by way of the cigarette lighter. The filter body is a robust all-steel construction and the filter is protected from the elements and saturation by chemical sprays by the housing. As the hose can be attached to the cab body or through the window the Ultraguard allows clear visibility. There are two ways of connecting the air ducting to the cab.

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Ultraguard Parts:
1 x Cylindrical body housing fan & carbon filter.

1 x Cigarette Plug Adaptor wired to the fan.

1 x Activated carbon filter.
2 x Body mounting bands.
3 x Hose clamps.
1 x 1.3m Flexible hosing.

1 x Dust Bowl

1 x Mounting Flange
And Either:

  1. Perspex for window cutout or

  2. Flange for direct cab mounting

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  1. The unit comes with a perspex sheet that must be cut to the particular cab window shape. The perspex cutout is then sealed into the cab by placing the perspex into the window channel and winding up the window so that the rubber H seal provides a tight join between perspex and the glass.

  2. The operator may wish to connect the ducting directly to the cab body by cutting an opening and sealing the ducting to it with a PVC connector and silicone.
    The Filter Body can be mounted anywhere outside of the vehicle such as the bullbar, roof racks, rear frame at back of cabin or on the tray top for extra versatility.