Reconditioning Services


Inevitably our filters have a limited lifespan, however the good news is that unlike other filters, ours can be reconditioned and reused. We we are able to offer reconditioning service to our customers.

Reconditioning will include cleaning of the filter and any minor repairs being completed as well as replacing the activated carbon, foam dust pad, pink filter media, indicator cell of impregnated alumina and seals if necessary.

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Filters That Require Service.png

This filter has seen some general wear and tear, however the carbon in this filter is coated in dust which seriously compromises the ability of the filter to work.

These filters have been exposed to dusty conditions and have not been maintained. As a result, the lifespan of these filters has been significantly reduced.

This filter is in reasonable condition, however, the seal is slightly misplaced. This can lead to chemicals bypassing the filtration process.

Dirty 444.png

This filter is an extreme example of the filter not being cared for. The pads and the carbon bed are clogged with dust and dirt as well as being exposed to wet conditions.

With proper care, this filter would have lasted longer, however, the lack of attention has seriously limited the ability of this filter to continue to work effectively.

To extend the lifespan of the filter we recommend removing the filter from the tractor when not spraying and storing it in an airtight container or bag. Users can also clean their filter by following the instructions included in their operators manual.


DIY Kits will be supplied with an operators manual with instructions on how to recharge the filter. However, an Ultrasafe filter not being reconditioned by an ultrasafe staff member at our Adelaide factory cannot be guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the person recharging the filter to follow the operators manual to ensure the filter will perform as required.


Re-filling a filter requires patience and diligence to ensure the correct procedures as well as approved materials are used. A filter incorrectly recharged can allow harmful chemicals and toxins through to the operator.


For safety sake, we strongly recommend that Ultrasafe filters requiring reconditioning and repair be returned to Ultrasafe Products Australia Pty Ltd. Stringent quality procedures ensure the filter is recharged with no voids and with the same high-quality carbon and materials it was originally manufactured with.


Purchasing a "Do It Yourself Kit" will supply you with everything you need to complete the maintenance yourself. All products are included in the correct quantities as well as an instruction manual to carry out the procedure.

"Do It Yourself Reconditioning Kit" include:

  • Activated Carbon

  • Foam Dust Pad

  • Pink Filter Media

  • Impregnated alumina (Purple Beads)

  • Filter seals (If required)


Ultrasafe Products customers can trust that the carbon used to absorb chemicals from the air has been safely disposed of to EPA standards.


Spent carbon from each recharged filter is safely stored at our factory until it is collected for safe disposal by Cleanaway  who then ensure the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of the carbon.

Carbon Disposal.png