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Chemical Filters manufactured for tractor cabs, SP sprayers and mining trucks.

Also manufactured primarily for trucks and tractors cabs to filter out dust.

We have two methods of giving your filter a new life through "DIY Kits"and returned refills

Ultraguard/ UGM remote mounted units for purifying and pressurising cabins

3M Full Face Respirator
3M 6800
Full Face Mask
PPE Chemical Kit
3M 6500
Half Mask
Agricultural Chemical Protection
3M 6000
Half Mask
Agricultural Respirator
Moldex 7002
Half Mask

We have released a special new range of Personal Protection Equipment Kits to further increase the level of protection that we can offer our customers.



Chemical poisoning can occur through inhalation, via contact with the skin or through contact with the eyes. With this in mind, our PPE kits have been designed to cover all aspects of possible chemical exposure.



Our kits provide reusable and disposable respirators with vapour and dust particulate filters selected for agricultural applications. with


To provide skin protection, kits can
include a pair of Dupoint TYVEK coveralls which protect the user from head to toe. Also included is a pair of Ansell neoprene or nitrile chemical rated rubber gloves.


Our kits come in four sizes; Mini, Small, Large or Two-Person. Each size has the option chosing between three different mask options to best suit the users preference and price range. Mask and filter Technical Data Sheets can be located on each product page, or via the links to the left.

Spill Kits

General Purpose
Spill Kits
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Spill Kits
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If you are questioning the need for a spill kit or wondering if it is a legal obligation to have a spill kit, the simple answer is ‘yes’. Spill kits protect the chemical user and their land, whilst also protecting them from potentially large fines for not taking necessary caution.


Users of chemicals are expected to have thoroughly prepared for an incident in which a spillage occurs, to carry out the prepared plan and to store the necessary spill kits to take reasonable steps to prevent the pollution.


Spill kits are not only a smart option for the safety of chemical users and for the protection of our environment, but they are also a legal obligation to all users.


Our spill kits have been designed to be compact and easily portable. The kits come in a durable bag that can be kept in the shed with the chemicals, or easily taken with you by throwing it in the back of the ute.


It is important to know what chemicals will be used to allow you to select the most appropriate spill kit.

General Purpose Spill Kit

Data Sheet

Hazchem Spill Kit

Data Sheet