This 40 Litre Hazchem Spill Kit is compliant with the AusSpill product quality guidelines for spill kits. It is ideal to use in areas where Hazchem spills from 20-25L drums can occur. The compact size makes it ideal for transport applications.


This kit is suitable to use with most acids, caustics, solvents, oils, fuels as well as cleaning and agricultural chemicals. See the Hazchem Absorbent Chemical Suitability Guide for more details.


The compact 40 litre hazchem spill kits is ideal for transport applications. The addition of Plugitup Temporary Tank and Drum Repair Putty allows to user to plug leaking drums, IBC’s and fuel tanks providing extra capacity for “on the road” spills.


By purchasing a spill kit that complies with the AusSpill quality guidelines you know you kit will perform to the stated absorbent volumes. This is critical when planning you spill response capacity to ensure you meet your obligations under the WHS regulations and compliance with Australian Standards.


50L Hazchem Spill Kit

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    Hazchem Absorbent Pads


    Hazchem Absorbent Boom – 1.2m

    3 Contaminated Waste bags and Ties
    1 Chemical Resistant Gloves
    1 Adhesive Spill Station Wall Sign
    1 Instruction Sheet
    1 Weather Resistant Zip-Top bag

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