Moldex 7960A P2/P3 Particulate filters are designed to fit with our Moldex 7002 Half Face respirators. The  7960A P2/P3 Particulate Filter Disks have an efficiency level of 99.97% or greater against both oil and non-oil based particulate aerosols. Simply twist and lock into place on your compatible Moldex respirator.


Suitable for Applications:

Welding, Grinding, Lime, Metal Machining, Aluminum Processing, Bagging, Brazing, Buffing, Cement Work, Dusty Environments, Foundries, Metal Working, Mining, Polishing, Poultry, Sanding, Soldering, Stone Quarrying, Sweeping, Textiles, Torch Cutting, Waste Processing/Recycling.

Moldex P2/P3 Particulate Filter Pair


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