The 3M™ 6500 Series Reusable Half Mask has been designed with tough & dirty work environments in mind. It delivers comfort, durability & stability with a firm, lightly textured silicone face seal and strong body construction.


Comfortable in tough environments: the textured silicone facepiece not only conforms to the shape of your face, but also helps to minimise slippage in hot workplaces. Meanwhile, the 3M™ Cool-Flow™ Valve helps to remove hot, exhaled air.


Built to last: manufactured from durable materials, the 6500 is ideal for harsh environments. The construction also minimises small parts & crevices, allowing you to clean the respirator easily – protecting your investment.


For the chemical and dust filters that suit this mask please see our 3M Filter Set


For more information please refer to our Technical Data sheet provided to the right.

3M 6500QL Comfort Half Mask

  • 3M 6500 Series Half Mask - View Data Sheet

  • 1 x 3M 6500 Series Half Mask

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