Dust Filters

Our range of dust filters are designed to replace the original paper dust filters in tractors, headers, earthmoving and mining equipment with air-conditioned cabs.


They are available to suit more than 500 existing units and can be custom made for specific requirements. The price for the replacing of pads and/or seals is available on application.

They incorporate a three-stage filtration system:-

  • Particulate foam pad

  • High capacity filter media pad

  • Final stage filter media pad that filters down to sub-micron particles

The Ultrasafe Dust Filter has an aluminium frame incorporating the above three-element filtration system.

The foam pad is washable and all the pads can be gently cleared with compressed air. When efficiency has declined the unit can be recharged by ordering new pads from Ultrasafe making it a very economical dust filter. These pads are easily fitted.