Activated Carbon Filters

Ultrasafe Chemical Filters are designed and made to remove toxic matter from air that passes through the air-conditioning systems of tractor cabs, mining trucks and other vehicles working in hazardous environments.



Our filters have been specifically developed to help protect operators from contaminants associated with agricultural spraying, organic gases and other pollutants.


Developed in Adelaide in 1995, the filters are sold Australia wide and overseas through a network of tractor and machinery dealers.


Ultrasafe products tractor cab filters are proudly Australian made and Owned - which is why we take such care to manufacture and deliver the highest quality possible product to our Australian Farmers.


Our filters are designed to replace the paper filter element in the existing air-conditioning units. They are available to suit more than 500 existing units or can be custom made for special applications.


Once a client has purchased their original filter they are able to have it recharged once it is exhausted. It is very cost-effective when compared to non-rechargeable filters.


It is vital for users to regularly remove and inspect the chemical filter, particularly once spraying is finished. Users can inspect the colour of the indicator beads and match to the colour code sticker on the side of the filter.


Our staff are continually gathering more information on new tractors and designing new filters to suit. If you have a new model tractor and we don't make a filter for it yet, we will be more than happy to design one for you.


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